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Scalloped or not scalloped

James, I've got a Fender Deluxe series which is beautiful.

She has an ash body, flamed maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

The guitar itself has an AMAZING tone, but after playing scalloped fretboards for years, playing a stock neck guitar is like running on sand.

Could scalloping the neck change that tone?

Re: Scalloped or not scalloped


Yes. Scalloping the neck absolutely WILL change the tone, and rather dramatically at that. Personally, I have always found the change from scalloping to be a marked improvement, but these things are very subjective. So....

If you think the current tone is already a holy-grail for you, you probably ought to leave it alone and get another guitar with a scalloped neck.

Cheers -B

Re: Re: Scalloped or not scalloped

I've decided to scallop it.

Could it affect the stability of the neck?

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