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Hi Bob

I just wanted to mention that the Movie really throws you back in them days, cause I was born in 1960, and I knew all Ritchie's songs even way before the movie came out. My Pop's was a guitar player too! when I saw the Movie, then I realized how short his career really was. that was really sad! I believe your family has shared a lot of memories with the public. I believe a little feedback is appropriate. God Bless you and your family, may Ritchies memories and music live forever Bob.

Re: questions

I have some questions of my own.
Bob, can you tell us things about Ritchie that nobody else really knows? Like, did he own any records/ radio in his room? What kinds of music did he love to listen to? What did he do whenever he was at home? I know he had to take care of your younger sisters and brother, but was he to himself and just loved to stay in his room and play and sing? What was his speaking voice like? Did he like to play any sports? There are some recordings of him talking, but not many, and most them aren't really clear enough or long enough to really get a good idea of what his voice sounded like. I know this is probably a odd questin but....
How well could he speak in Spanish? I know that I read somewhere that he could mostly understand when your mom spoke to him in Spanish, but...

Re: questions

Is Bob still alive?

Re: questions

Hi Bob do you sign autographs thanks