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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Your Awesome Bob!!!

Dear Bob,

My Prayers And Heart Go Out To You And Your Family. I Lost My 2 Brothers And The Hurt Never Goes Away You Just Learn To Live With It. I First Saw La Bamba With My Family When It First Came Out I Was Just A Teen And Till This Day I Continue To Watch This Amazing Beautiful Sad Compelling Movie And I Still Break down In Tears. I Love The Bond Between You And Ritchie God Rest His Soul For Having Such A Good Heart And Praising You And Loving You And For His Amazing Talent To Sing And Write His Own Music. Honestly Bob You Are My Favorite Character In The Movie I'm So Sorry For The Events That Happened Especially With Your Brother Ritchie. But I Want To Tell You I'm Sooooo Proud Of You And For Your Strength To Push Forward I Truly Admire You And I Hope One Day Soon To Have The Honor Of Meeting You And Your Beautiful Wife. You Have Heart And I Truly Wish You Happiness And Peace In Your Life!!! You Are Also A Legend And Just Like Ritchie Your Name And Your Story Will Live On Forever In Our Hearts And Memories!!!! Thank You For Sharing Your Life And Ritchie's With All Of Us The Public!!! Yours Truly A Fan Forever!!!!!