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Rant and rave

Hey bob
My name is steven hernandez i am from caldwell id i am 35 years old and have been watching la bamba for over 15 years i relate alot to your youger self rebelling and looking for a grip on life i want to exteend my condolences to you and yours for what happeend to your bro long ago i could not exprees the way i feel if it werent for social media istill dont know if the real bob will recieve this message i would still like to say that i have been inspired by you and yours to do the best i can in life not sure that makes sence but i am a hispanic male living in a world where trump may become president and seeing how it was back in the day for you and brotha im watching la bamba right now and just want to say again sorry for your loss i belive i your bro was still alive you and him would have been unstoppable so close but yet to differant people you are special just like him never forget that. I too have had a problem with alchol i too have brothas that care for me and i know the struggle not lookinh for anything from you and yours just wanted to say sorry for your loss and again maybe his passing and music has touched more people that you or him could ever imagine. Miss you ritchie see you upstairs. Thanks again bob for hearing my rant