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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Hi Bob. I just want to send you saludos, and my condolences. even though I wasn't born yet when Richie passed away, you can say that his music was heard in my house by my moms when I was a child.especially in the early sixties when Del Phi, released his greatest hits... I even learn how to play a few of his songs. Looking into his Life's story!!! WOW it's so sad! a young kid like that in pursuit of his dream, cut off by tragedy!!! It must have been a great lost to the whole family vendito. I heard the concert in the Junior high school where he attended. He did'nt play it that fast!!and when he was singing yo no soy Marinero in LA BAMBA sounded like he was saying Maninero. I guess maybe is because he didn't speak spanish too much!!! I give it to Los Lobos!!!! They did a terific Job with Richie's music!!!! they kept it alive!!!and sound good doing it!!!! I just want to send you's my LOVE!!! and PEACE, Hermano!!! RICHIE'S MUSIC STILL LIVES!!!!