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Some Things I Need To Get Off My Chest

What I'm about to say is not ment to be mean or anything, but I've noticed that in the past on here, when I've tried to ask anything, nothing gets posted and that things over all around here are dead. I hope that there will be the re-release of the Ritchie Valens In Concert At Pacoima Jr high, as the whole concert wasn't put out in the first place.
I've put out questions for Bob to answer, and he did post in the topic, but I guess he didn't look through the intire topic. I've also e-mailed him on many points and he only replied like once or twice. Even then, he didn't answer questions. I'm not trying to be stockish with any of my questions. If there are any questions that I've posted that are in anyway, hard to talk about them, don't feel that you have to answer those.
I just put down what kinds of things I wonder about Ritchie.
And, it's not just my topics that seem to not get answered as well.
I also do understand that people have lives and that they can't be on here all the time and that they aren't always in control of how, or when things get updated/ replied to.
But, if there is anyone that would happen to see this post, please try to do your best.

Thanks, Lacey