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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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La Bamba

Hi bob my name is Elizabeth im 24 years old I live in California I live close where u n Ritchie use live
At when were young n i live really close san fernado mission cemetery I love the movie la Bamba it's my favorite movie ever u n Ritchie are my Favorite person It was really sad what happen to Ritchie he was so
Young. Do u guys ever visit ur brother at cemetery. My mom died when she was like 37 years old she was young to n she pass way when I was 12 years old n my brothers were 10 n other brother in his
Early 20 it's was hard for us when she died n I alway go visit at the San Fernando mission cemertery
I hope every thing is good with u n ur family
Thanks you for ur time

Ps I love sing richie songs