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Outage on our Renmark dial-in number

Since this morning, our main dial-in number for the Riverland has been giving the message "This number is disconnected". Which is definitely not something we asked for... we're trying to get it re-connected, but nobody is promising anything. It's 5pm Friday, so it looks like it won't be working over the weekend.

The number affected is 8580 4444. If you dial into our Waikerie modems or our 0198 number, this won't affect you.

Anyone who has a dialup plan with us can use our national number... 0198 333 613, and the same username/password you already have. Instructions for changing your dialup number are here. This number may become busy if too many are using it, so I suggest changing back to the 8580 number when it's fixed. We'll update this as the situation changes.