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Questions to Bob regaurding Film

Hey, Ritchie is my reason for actually picking up a guitar and rocking out like I do!!
been listening to him for almost 14 years...since I was about 8!

Anyways, So I have a few questions if you don't mind, Bob.

In the film, You were seen walking on a bridge and that bridge happens to be the one next door to the house where RV auditioned, right? Was that the real place Ritchie jammed at? and if so, do you know where that place is located?
Also, the spiritual guide...did you really go to him? and if so, what ever happen to your guys' relationship?

Thanks much!!

Re: Questions to Bob regaurding Film

Hi Don! I'm very happy that my brother inspired you to
play...he had some energy, eh? As far your questions...that was not the house that Ritchie auditioned at:( That house was in Sepulveda, right near the park. There wasn't a cuandero but we definetly knew people (our Tio collected rattlesnake
venom for medicine) that were very spiritual. Luis Valdez loved to mix traditional Mexican and Mexican-
American cultures. Thanx for sropping by and come back
soon! Abtazos...Bob