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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Hi Bob, my name is Steve Raby and I play with a Texas based 1950's rock band called Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88's. I would just like to say how much I admire and respect Ritchie. I sing La Bamba and Come On Let's Go in our shows and I never sing one of Ritchie's songs without a prayer in my heart for him. I love Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper also but it was Ritchie's music that always had the biggest impact on me. I hope to one day get out to the San Fernando Valley to visit Ritchie's grave and pay tribute to him in person. I think that it is wonderful that you and your family keep his legacy alive and fresh through the website and all. Perhaps we will meet someday, it would be quite an honor. Thank you for all your work in keeping Ritchie's memory fresh. I know he and Connie are smiling down from heaven every day on you and the rest of your family. God Bless You and God Bless Ritchie. Steve

Re: Ritchie

It is such a thrill to hear from you, someone
who has been inspired by my brother. He was quite
a character. A very talented character! It would be a
trip to meet you sometime, we know a few people in
Texas that play music, including JP Jr. So take it
easy and write back anytime. Abrazos...Bob

Re: Ritchie

Hey Bob- I was thrilled to hear from you. I've been bragging to the rest of the band about recieving a message from Ritchie's brother!! I am the piano player in our band but I do some guitar also. I've got my fingers crossed because my two sisters asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told them I wanted a new guitar. When they asked me what kind of guitar I wanted I showed them Ritchie's guitar that is for sale on the website. That would be the best Christmas gift ever. I would like to purchase a good photo or poster of Ritchie to hang in my music room at home. Where could I find this at? Oh, by the way, we play the Katy Rice Festival in Katy which is on the outskirts of Houston every year and J.P. Jr. was there last year and met us. He thoroughly enjoyed our show. I also got to meet The Big Bopper's best friend (unfortunately I cannot recall his name) in Georgetown last March. He lives in Georgetown and was at our show at Sun City ballroom. Had a nice visit with him, he shared a lot of memories with me, one of which was that he was in the studio with J.P. the day he recorded Chantilly Lace. He was also a pallbearer at the funeral in Beaumont. We are playing in Georgetown again tomorrow night and I am hoping he will be there again. Well anyway, great to hear from you and I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Take care and God Bless!!! Steve