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remembering Richie

first of all let us begin by saying my family and i absolutely loved the movie, the story of Richie Valens and his family. his music and his memory will always be in our hearts. my husband and i and everyone else in our familia have made a tradition to watch La Bamba almost once a month. it's a beautiful story of Richie and his family and always touches us and makes us cry. It is our hope and wish to one day visit Richie's grave and pay our respects to such a great legend. I'm grateful for this opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings to someone my family and i have deal of honor and respect for. May Richie and his mother Connie rest in peace. they will never be for gotten. From our family the Cabrera's to yours. Be Blessed

Re: remembering Richie

Frank & Ericalee
Thanx so much for the beautiful comments about my
family & myself. It touches my heart to know that
we've made such an impact on the lives of others.
Please come back & visit here again.