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note to you

Wanted to let you know that my 6, soon to be 7 year old grandson was introduced to Ritchie this past father's day weekend....kind of bizarre how it all came to be, but he just cannot put down the cd we just got him and it's all he talks about and wants to listen to...he does play piano, but Ritchie's music has struck a chord in his soul like no other and who knows how this little one time California boy now living in Pittsburgh, Pa will ultimately be affected by listening to his favorite musician in the world now....God Bless...Donna

Re: note to you


I can't believe how much the music and legend is being passed down to the different generations! My highschoolers learn in music class all about 'the Day The Music Died' and the artists pertaining!

I was wondering something after watching the movie again; Did your parents eventually soften up to Ritchie? How accurate was the movie portraying your relationship to Ritchie?

I am sorry you had to go through such a heartbreak in your life at such a young age !