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Memorial to la valenzuela

I just visited Lubbock, texas, and they have a big statute to Buddy Holly in the town square. We should have a statute in Pacoima, Los Angeles,so that no one will ever forget LA BAMBA and Donna.

I'll head the committee, I am a lawyer from California and can make it happen.

Re: Memorial to la valenzuela

Thanx alot for visiting this website. I think
your idea would be a wonderful tribute to my brother,
Ritchie! Please let me know if I can be of any help
to you? I think alot of young people need to know about Ritchie...perhaps you could raise money by showing La Bamba again, and educate our youth about
my brother...can't hurt...might help!? Come back again soon!


Re: Memorial to la valenzuela

hi bob,my name is sarah and im 18, and live in outback australia. i first watched la bamba when i was seven and instantly fell in love with ritchie and his music. i just want to let you know there are alot of young ones out there that do love ritchie valens.

i am so sorry for your loss of that wonderfull talented young man.


Re: Memorial to la valenzuela

I just found the website today and think a statue of Ritchie is long overdue and most deserved.

Hope that things are working out and that it is close in becomine (if not already become) a reality.

With deepest regards and wishes.

Danny Gonzales (p.s. I am a musician too, I play drums).