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My son

Dear Bob,
My son Robbie (7 yrs old) has just seen "La Bamba" for the first time recently. He has watched it several times, and he is facinated by you. He wants to know all kinds of things about you. There is even a question list! He would love to write you a real letter.
Dayton, Ohio

Re: My son

Thanx very much for writing and I'm thrilled that your son has discovered La Bamba! Feel free to have him write to address is 199 Bluff Rd. Moss Landing,
Ca. 95039. I'll look forward to hearing from him...
"La Bamba" Bob

Re: My son

I just posted a message today about my soon to be 7 year old grandson and his discovery of Ritchie Valens music that I introduced to him last Friday....we then watched the movie after he found information about it on the internet....we got him one of his cd's and he will not stop listening to it nor asking questions about him and his music....It is just so funny that 2 young boys the same age are so interested in him and his is all he has talked about for 3 days now...He plays piano and now wants to play songs from the cd....We reside in Pittsburgh, not far from you...maybe they could email each other about their common interest in him....Donna

Re: My son

my son loves ritchie he's 3yrs old and he loves the movie and the bamba song, also just want to let u know that i was also born in general hospital on mothers day like ritchie in 1980, bob we love ritchie and he will always be missed

Re: My son

im kind of too late to ask bob this intersting qussions
just watch LA bamba-bio movie
something got me thinkng as we know it was not ritchie time to go to heaven
did ritchie ever talk about the nightmares he had while
he 15/16 years young i mean the nightmares about
ritchie accidently geting killed in a plane crush
he says something about his nightmares to doanna
and then to his manger on a different plane trip saying that he hates/has fear of plane trips
i talk too much the qussion i will ask is ?
did the fears/nightmares have anthing to do with ritchie past/future ? live
bob if those nightmares/fears where real could
a stranger help richie and change the past so that richie would not accidently get killed in a plane crush? or did ritchie see his life past him by and see into the future how he will die?
i think i talk too much about ritchie and how he died
bob you are the only family of ritchie who can answer this qussion