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To Bob...

Hello Bob... I dont even know what to write... I am so surprised to see that i can actually write to you.. Ritchie´s brother... That is so qrazy... I have been a BIG fan of Ritchie for so long... Startet when i saw the great movie La bamba.. I love that movie... I have 1000 of questions, but dont worry, i wont get startet... :-) I just wanna say that i have the deepest respect for you, and your family, and Ritchie... I think its so great that hes memory is still here, and that so many people still remembers him... Not that he is one to forget... I wasnt even born then, im from 83, but i just can tell how sad i feel for you and Ritchie. He is a big legend, but he could have been the biggest if he only have got the chance.. He wasnt suposed to die like that, and expesially not so young.. im sure he hade much more to offer... I can help to wonder, now i seen the movie so many times, is that the true? i meen, we here so many things, but who is Rithie really? Only you know... People just write what the think they know, but you know it all... Well, i better stop here, i dont think you have all day. :-) But love and respect from me, here from Denmark.. God bless you and your family, and always know that you and Ritchie always will leve in my heart. Hope you can read what im writing, im not the best english writer. :-) Love Heidi, from Denmark.