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Welcome To The Official Ritchie Valens Forum. Please Feel Free To Post, But Just A Reminder To All. We Are An All Ages Website And So The Forum And Website Entries Are Monitored. Thank You And Enjoy The Forum And Website.


LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Just a message....

Hey.. I have tryed to write you,, but i´m not sure that you get my message? Just wantet to say that i love this website, and i am a big fan of Ritchie... And i have the deepest respect for him, and his family... I cant tell how sorry i am for you and his family.. i know its many years ago, and i wasnt even born then, but i just feel a pain in my heart for his friends and family, and specialy Donna... Hope you are all well... Love Heidi, Denmark...