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Bob Morales

On Saturday April 19th I performed "Come On Let's Go" at the Vacaville Fiesta Days 40th Annual Vacaville Talent Competition in Vacaville, Ca. I was so excited to do that. And after I performed I found out from a newspaper reporter that I would be in the Reporter newspaper on Sunday April 20th. Go to and click on entertainment. After that, type in (a talent showcase). Then click on a talent showcase and you will see the article and a photo of me. If you click on the photo gallery you will see an additional photo of me. I am sending you and Joanie the newspaper article of the event to your P.O. box. This is an absolute thrill for me and I want to thank you and Joanie for your support. It is very encouraging.

Re: Bob Morales

Congratulations!!!We knew you would "WOW" the
crowd...and it sounds like you did just that! We're
very proud and happy for you and your family...and
please don't forget to send us the article?! Have a
great summer...Abrazos!
Bob & Joanie