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How you doing,
I wanted to ask if ritchie dreamed that his fate would be in a tragic crash, I don't mean to be blunt, but I do believe your self conscience will reviel that sort of thing. I also wanted to say the 50s era music has always been my favorite, I and ritchies music always gets me singing along with it. Hey I think he would be pleased with his evergrowing fans, I can see that he is still rocking in heaven. I appreciate the chance to voice my question, and a totally devoted fan. Hey ritchie come on lets go.

Re: bob

Welcome to our website! Hope you have a great
time here. As far as I am aware, Ritchie did not have
a fear of flying. Of course, one of his best friends
died at Pacoima Junior High, when two small planes
crashed into each other over the school. Ritchie should have been in PE at the time, but we were
attending our grandfathers' funeral. Had Ritchie not
been absent, who knows what may have happened?!
What a crazy life. Hope you come back and visit...Ok?