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Clear Lake 2009

Hello to the entire Valenzuela family. I met some of you before in Clear Lake and am hoping to meet you all again next year in 2009. I know it will be hard to be there for the 50th year of the passing of Ritchie, but with so many friends being there for you, I hope you can find comfort and know that we will all be there with you, and for you. Please try and make it. It will be a tribute like you've never seen before. I guarantee it.

Re: Clear Lake 2009

As a matter of fact...the entire Valenzuela family
will be in Clear Lake next year for the 50th anniversary. We plan to travel the "original" route
of the Winter Dance Party through the last few stops.
Last summer our family had a fantastic time in
Okaboji, Iowa, for the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fames
induction of Ritchie. We've all had some of the best
times in Iowa and next winter seems to be building up
to another great time! Looking forward to meeting you
there. Hope to see you here again....Bob

Re: Clear Lake 2009

Hi Bob,
Yes, it will be a great time in CL. I highly recommend anybody even THINKING of going that they reserve hotel rooms now. This will be one show that sells out FAST. I believe entertainment will be announced in May or June, but I wouldn't wait until then to reserve hotel spaces. Get your rooms NOW.
Looking forward to seeing everybody again!

Re: Clear Lake 2009

Hi Bob,
Have you ever been to Duluth, MN before? The MC/promoter for the show in Duluth in 1959 was Lew Latto. Have you ever been in contact with Lew? If not, email me privately and I can give you some information that might be helpful.