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Welcome To The Official Ritchie Valens Forum. Please Feel Free To Post, But Just A Reminder To All. We Are An All Ages Website And So The Forum And Website Entries Are Monitored. Thank You And Enjoy The Forum And Website.


LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Bob Morales

Hi Bob! It was so wonderful to finally get to meet you in person. I could hardly speak. I had a great time at the Winter Dance Party. That was a great show. After the show I was able to meet Donna. I was so happy, I was not expecting to see her. When do you think the next Ritchie celebration will be? I want to be there.

Re: Bob Morales

It was also an honor for me to meet you...and your
Grandma and all your friends that came with you! I'm
not really sure when our next "Ritchie" celebration
is going to be?? We sort of just play it by ear...but
be sure that I will let you know...practice your guitar and take care! Bob