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dear bob
love the sight,it answered many questions that I was curious about.just want you to know that labamba is watched often in my home and my 2 daughters 4 and 6 always cry at the end and i tell them that ritchie went to heaven and he sings with the angels.
one question im not sure about is,when did mario come in the picture?how come he was not portrayed?was he the baby that connie spoke of in the movie,when she told rosie "the baby is with the girls"?

Re: mario

Welcome! Happy to hear that your family enjoys
La Bamba...if you notice in the scene when Connie is
leaving to work and she tells Rosie about the girls,
you see a baby in the high chair...that is supposed
to be Mario (actually its Marios' son, Avery). Mario
was only 18 mos. old when Ritchie died. Thanx for the question and hope to see you back here soon. Bob