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For Bob

Thanks for your reply Bob and the welcome, much appreciated. I found a video on a site on AOL which had basically a mix together of various items on Ritchie I think this particular one was done in France.
It wasn't too good a quality, but there were some lovely pictures and an all too brief clip of a family film, showing Ritchie. I just never realised how sweet and gorgeous your brother was, he looked so darn happy, he had his guitar and I think he was fooling about with his cousin, (not sure on that one). You could see there was lots of laughter and fun. Bob the legacy your brother has left is vast and I am sure you are so proud of him, it was a joy to see this little clip. I wish I could have seen him play.

Annie (P.S. The site is brilliant thanks)

Re: For Bob

How lucky your are to have found this! I'm always
thrilled and proud of my brother, whenever I see any
of these videos. Thanx for writing and I look forward
to seeing you here again!

Re: For Bob

Hi Annie, Could you share what site you saw the video on? I haven't been lucky enough to find any video. Thats another thing. I would appreciate some site ideas that could set me on that path.

Re: For Bob

Hi Sharon
Try the above link to see if you can get to the video. Its on AOL their video link up, type in Ritchie Valens and a selection of stuff will come up, I think the one you want is on page three. Any problems let me know and I'll have another go.