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family matters

After seeing the movie, La Bamba, I oftened wondered who had profitted from it and from Ritchie's music. I oftened wondered how your mom, Connie, made out afterwards, after Ritchie's death, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Being a single mom those concerns about your mom and your family were dear to me. I pray that you all were able to enjoy some closure and peace after the movie. Tell us about your mom. Write a book about the whole story with all the correct facts. I saw him on American Bandstand. I remember the arguments among our friends, wondering if the rumors about Ritchie being Mexican-American were true. I was very sadden about his death, being on an equal with the death of Selena. I can only wonder, WHY? Take care and keep up the good work.

Re: family matters

These are questions I have wondered about myself, especially about the family and the after effects of loosing Ritchie. Also what Ritchie was really like, not the Hollywood version of events, not that that wasn't good, but the real him.


Re: family matters

I hope I can get an answer soon! Again, take care and God Bless You.