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Bob Morales

I was wondering does Donna have contact with you or any of the Valenzuela family?

Re: Bob Morales

I believe that Donna stays in touch with my sisters. Bob

Re: Bob Morales

I was reading your biography. You learned that Steve was not your biological father. Did you ever get the chance to meet your biological father?

Re: Bob Morales

Yes...I had the great fortune of meeting my "real"
father in 1985. During the filming of La Bamba, they
wanted me to ask my father to sign a release for the
movie. I had never met him or even talked to him ever,
so Joanie and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to visit!
He was a wonderful man and after all those years had
passed...their were NO bad feelings and our short but
priceless relationship was something that has changed
my life forever. Thanx for the question......Bob