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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Quick question

Hello to bob and family,
Have just listened to the original 1958 studio recording of La Bamba, it has so cheered me up again. Makes me smile each time I listen to it. I was wondering if it's Ritchies voice that you can hear, I know there are several voices on there but I think I recognize his? If I heard correctly someone asks him to slow it down, not so sure what he says back but he sounded surprised. Makes me smile that.
Plus, I know way back when in the 50's hardly anyone ever kept their own name they always made alterations for whatever reason. Do you think today if Ritchie were starting out now, he would even consider using Valens or sticking with Valenzuela?
Annie C

Re: Quick question

Bob, no need to answer questions, have managed to find all answers on the web. Spent too much time on there to be honest but oh well.
Thanks anyway.