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2 questions please

Bob: I have two questions that you maybe able to answer. The first one, I have heard that the royalty payments for a top twenty song last for twenty years. Do you know if that was or is the case?

Question two: How many albums did Ritchie complete before his death? I have heard that there were music for as many as four albums but only two were released?

Thank you so very much for the website on a very talented young man!

Re: 2 questions please

Hi there Gary...
Welcome...hope you enjoy what we have to offer here. As for your questions...certainly I am not an expert, but I do believe that the royalty for any record can last as long as it is contracted for. We
were fortunate to have had the information we needed
to handle the restructuring of Ritchies' contracts.
As far as Ritchie having several, thats
not how it was. Ritchie really never saw any of his
albums. And besides the songs, he left alot of out takes and fragments of songs, that would not amount
to an album. Although they are great to listen to!
Please come back and visit again!

Re: 2 questions please

Even all there is left, are out takes, I reeeeeeaaaally hope that they get put on to an album someday!!!!!! It could be called, Ritchie Valens The Lost Tapes Vol II!!!!! Pleeeaaaaase, I hope this happens!!

Re: 2 questions please

i was born in 1978? ritchie valens fan fom australia
as far i know of? im not sure if there was a album relese in 1958
i only know of 1 album that was release in march 1959 a few weeks after ritchie went to heaven and music died the album is called- ritchie
i will do more rearch later

Re: 2 questions please

There have been many releases since Ritchie Valens passed away,different covers, labels and bootlegs. I will be posting more new album covers and dates of pressings regardless on label. Overseas printing at that time were limited, but certainly done.

Stick around you will see.

All the best

Re: 2 questions please

Hi Lacy,

All outtakes that were able to be saved and used were released. the lost tapes vol 1 has the most of it, there is a couple not on that album, but not full songs just fragments. So if you are interested in hearing himstudio practise then thisalbum is for you. Unfortunately he was not with us long enough to produce more.

All the best,