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Ritchie Valens Girlfriend

I was wondering if Ritchie was dating anyone at the time of his death. If so, does anyone in the family keep in contact with her? Who was Donna? Thank you

Re: Ritchie Valens Girlfriend

Ritchie as far as i know was dating a girl named Diane Olsen whom he met while on tour.. It may have been during the Alan freed show. Little is known about her so, it was most likely a fling. There is a pic that exist of them together. She was a cute little brunnet. Info is from "Ritchie Valens: the first latino rock star" by Beverly Mendheim. A far more accurate potrayel than the movie.

Re: Ritchie Valens Girlfriend

He wasent dating Donna.....

Re: Ritchie Valens Girlfriend


Diane Olson that you mention from what info I have seen they were friends, as for accuracy the book you mention is not that accurate.
"Ritchie Valens: the first latino rock star" by Beverly Mendheim". This book and author are the least favorite among any book done on Ritchie Valens. The movie had some things that simply were done for entertainment, but all in all in was pretty accurate. The author of the book and book itself has holes, but this is not a debate, however I do NOT recommend it for any accuracy on Ritchie Valens. Bob is the accurate source on his brother.

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Re: Ritchie Valens Girlfriend

Does Bob have any plans to write a book? Does anyone know of any other great resources for information Ritchie other than the following books:

The Day the Music Died by Larry Lehmier
The Oracle of Del-fi by Bob Keene
The First Latino Rocker