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Well Hello!

Hello Bob, Joanie, and Steve
Wow, it has been a long time. So glad to see you back. The last several times I checked the site the whole thing was gone. I was trying to find out where you went. I googled you, but it came up with the same error page.
I hope you are all okay. Everyone had a great summer? I see you have Brenda living with you, I don't care how old they get, it is still nice to have them home for a while.
Good to see ya back and I will be waiting for all the new updates. Can't wait for Bob's page! (hint, hint)
My Best to All!

Re: Well Hello!

Hi Sharon,

Welcome back to our website, the old server had many problems and kept on crashing, so an new home had to be done. All is good, I have not spoken to Bob and Joanie in a while so I am sure they are doing well.

The website is coming back strong with new things so from now and well into 2008 many things will be added.

With my career, new single, upcoming l.p and the websites I am busy as can be, but all is good. No complaints!!!

I love Ritchie, Bob and Joanie, they are simply the best!!


Re: Well Hello!

Thanks for replying Steve. Wow you are a busy boy! I will stay patient, and keep coming back. Good luck with everything!

Re: Well Hello!

what ever happened to your cuss Johnny Martinez and Debbie martinez.