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Welcome To The Official Ritchie Valens Forum. Please Feel Free To Post, But Just A Reminder To All. We Are An All Ages Website And So The Forum And Website Entries Are Monitored. Thank You And Enjoy The Forum And Website.


LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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1st time visiting here, and thrilled for this site. There was so much of Richie is all of us at that time. We loved his music and charm, but a lot of us felt like we were watching all the dreams that could be possible in America. And a lot of our innocents was lost in that plane crash as well. My question is regarding Donna. Does anyone know how things turned out for her? We all felt that we somehow knew her through Richie's song and then when the movie came out that put a face and personality to her. Thanks so very much for the time and effort to keep up this site. We're grateful!