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Hello Bob! It's been a long time!

¡Hey Bob mi amigo! ¡Ha sido una hora tan larga desde que paré cerca para decir hola a usted! Espero que usted y Joannie estén haciendo bien y que sean sanos. ¿Sus cabritos alambique están jugando música? Usted tiene que venir a Nashville alguna vez para una visita. Todo su héroe de la música de país es stil aquí. Incluso le introduciré a un par. Usted y Joannie tendrían una ráfaga aquí. Comenzaré a visitar su sitio más. Su sissy del amigo

Re: Hello Bob! It's been a long time!

You're a trip! Bob askd that perhaps you could write back in English...we had a hell of time trying
to decipher your message! Bob speaks spanish as his
first & second language! It seems that I am the
"sucker" that ends up reading the spanish to him and
he translates! Can you just imagine?!?
We have been traveling quite a lot this summer and
Nashville sounds like an excellent destination! Please let us know what your schedule might be and lets see if we can't work this out?! Reply to the email on this message...OK? We certainly look forward
to hearing from you soon...Love, Bob & Joanie