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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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Ritchie Rocks!!!!

I love Ritchie Valens, I'm a very big fan although I'm
only 9yrs old. After watching the movie LA Bamba for the 10,000 time I have a greater love for Ritchie and his Family, I cry almost every time I watch the movie. Joanie I hope you are a lot better now I will Pray for You. I, just like Ritchie got my first gitar at this age of nine I'm learning to play it and my first songs are gonna be Ritchies. My dream is to meet Bob so say Hi to him for me. Thanks

Re: Ritchie Rocks!!!!

Juanito! are you? How is your guitar playing coming
along? Ritchie would be very happy knowing he inspired you to play!Nine years old is plenty old enough to feel the the love and despair that watching
La Bamba brings home. Thanx very much for the prayers
Joanie is feeling great and says God Bless You. I'm
thinking your dream may just come true...Bob