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Hi Bob n family

I am Dolly from Malaysia. I have always been a fan of Ritchie's. It's sad he passed away at such a young age n before I was born. I have seen the movie La Bamba several times on TV. Only today I have manage to locate a wonderful site which has been created by u Bob. I would love to know about your family eg. your wife, children, parents and siblings. What have u been doing? U have always been a big brother to Ritchie. God Bless.
Luv Dolly

Re: Hi Bob n family

HI Dolly!
Its' been a long time since you wrote to me...please
accept my apology. Malaysia is such a long way from
where I live, its kinda hard to imagine that people
that far away listen to Ritchie and watch La Bamba?!
As nearly everyone on this forum already knows I live
in Northern California, as does my two sisters and brother, Mario. My Mom passed away in October of 1987,
right after the movie came out. She was very excited and proud of the movie. All my siblings live in the same area. Please send me questions and I'll answer them for you. Hope to see you soon...Bob