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Did Rosie really leave her family like in the begining of the movie

Re: Did Rosie really leave her family like in the begining of the movie

This part of the movie tickled me so much, because having been a young girl about that time, I saw many a teenage girl take off with her boyfriend, just like Rosie. One moment they were there, the next, they were gone. Having done a lot of field or farm work I can also tell you that our days started around 4 to 4:30 AM. I can also tell you that we did not sit around campfires playing guitars and singing songs after work. We went to bed as early as we could because another day of hot sun and grueling hard work awaited us the next day. We had to make tortillas in the mornings, fillings to cook for tacos, and water to prepare for the day. In the evenings, we had clothes to wash, supper or dinner to cook, and more tortillas. We had kids to clean, cloth diapers to wash if there were babies. We had to wait our turn in a long line to take a cold water shower where there was one shower stall for at least 100 or more women. The men had their own. There were beds to prepare, usually on cement floors with cardboard boxes torn down to be used as mattresses. We carried water from maybe one cold water faucet located a 100 or more feet away for all our needs. If there were no shower, we had to carry water to take baths in a washtub. We all drank from a common bucket of water. I personally made up my mine to not marry a field worker. God helped me to keep my promise to myself. We as a family were happy as clams, and we did the work without complaing. But we did not want to remain there. Thankfully, we all got out. All my sisters and brothers. The experience has helped me appreciate all the blessings my Lord has gifted me and mine. Go Rosie