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LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website

Welcome To The Official Ritchie Valens Forum. Please Feel Free To Post, But Just A Reminder To All. We Are An All Ages Website And So The Forum And Website Entries Are Monitored. Thank You And Enjoy The Forum And Website.


LaBamba Bobs' Official Ritchie Valens Website
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New to site

Hi Bob,
I'm new to the site and thought I had posted a message the other day to let you know that I think it's great what you are doing for Ritchie's fans. I have watched the movie La Bamba and actually own it now and bring it out once in a while and re-watch it and always pick up on some small detail that I missed earlier. I think Ritchie would have gone far if he had lived and am sorry that his life was cut so short along with the others. Keep up the good work and will be checking back for news.

Re: New to site

Hi Bob,

I am new to this wonderful website and love the music very much. Is there any hidden recordings yet to be released of Ritchie?

Hi Brenda, nice to know another person is new here too!!

Re: New to site

Hi Darryl

I've been coming to the site for a while but that was my first message I had left for Bob. I have enjoyed reading and learning new things that were not included in the movie and actually reading words from the family members. I was very young when Ritchie was up and coming but the movie bought it all back to me and I could remember his songs. Hope you enjoy the site.


Re: Re: New to site

I hope you guys can share more about ritchie valens for youngters like me (born in the late 80s).
I got interested after i saw the movie La Bamba and i instantly fell for his music.
That's all for now!