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Squad for Sunday 27th April (Home to Upshire Reserves)

Please note that this match is NOT at Hazelwood. It is being played on Pitch One at Enfield Playing Fields instead and we will be changing at the Donkey Lane/Queen Elizabeth II Stadium end.
I will be there at 9.00.a.m. and I am going to need help in putting the nets up...if anybody would like to volunteer ?

This is our last match of the season and Trevor's last game in charge before he retires and emigrates to Cyprus next month.
He has picked a squad of 15 as follows:
Mal Saphiris (GK)
Grant Baker (GK)
Alan Barnard
Lexton Harrison
Terry Moore
George Stahlmann
Tom Simmons
Garry Cover
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Tem Adil
Krishan Singh
Daniel Daley
Jack Bangs
Leon McKenzie-McKay

Hagan will not be there for the kick-off though as he will be travelling back from attending a wedding somewhere, while there are at least two others listed in the squad above who may well not be available. Please let us know asap if that is the case.

Full details of this match will be on the Forthcoming Fixtures page later today.

Upshire Reserves lost 5-1 to Broxbourne Athletic on Sunday and they have 'non-fulfilled' three of their last six matches.
I must admit that with nothing to play for (as we are already confirmed as the bottom team), I have a nasty feeling they are going to cry off again and therefore spoil Trevor's 'party'.
I will try and get some reassurances from their Secretary when I phone him tonight to confirm the match.

Re: Squad for Sunday 27th April (Home to Upshire Reserves)

Lau I will definately not be able to get down to this one sadly, I would have liked to of come down as it's Trevs last ever game but it's not going to be possible for me. Best of luck boys and I'll see you all at pre season training.


Trev...I wish you all the best for your future in Cyprus - it's been an emotional 8 years playing under your management - all of which has been good fun. Good luck my friend.

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Re: Squad for Sunday 27th April (Home to Upshire Reserves)

Tom Simmons is also definitely not playing and I'm sure that Grant Baker will only come along if Trevor starts him in goal and plays Mal outfield. (Quite rightly in my opinion).
If Trevor keeps Mal in goal, we will only have 12 and we will be relying on nobody dropping out on the morning of the match if we want to have any substitutes.

Also, there was no answer from the Upshire Secretary when I phoned him last night to confirm the match. According to this, their Reserves did field eleven players in that 5-1 defeat to Broxbourne Athletic last Sunday though.

Re: Squad for Sunday 27th April (Home to Upshire Reserves)

Upshire Reserves have confirmed they will be there.

We just need a Referee now. It is not Paul Herlihy (as currently advertised) as he has just had a hernia operation.

Re: Squad for Sunday 27th April (Home to Upshire Reserves)

We have a Referee. (Eddie Webb). Now let's just hope our 12 players turn up !