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Re: 7-a-side This Summer

I think that we'd benefit more from Wednesday night training sessions as a squad than we would from 7 a side, but I'd be happy to do both (when I can) for fitness.

From what James has been telling me about his Pre-Season sessions, if they are on a Wednesday night, players will not be in a fit state to play 7-a-side on a Thursday as well. They will be aching like hell...and rightly so. Even you, Barney !

I have just e-mailed Liz at the SHC to tell her that we will not be entering this year...unless she wants to take a risk by accepting us and then allowing us to drop out in late-July with no financial punishment for doing so. I can't see her having that though.

Re: 7-a-side This Summer

I would put myself forward to organise the team for Thursdays if enough current players wanted to play...I know that would probably consist of me, Daley, Cass, Terry, Barney, Jacko, Jack, Lex (if he uses his watch correctly)

Yes, but if we are training on Thursday nights from mid-July onwards, then we have a problem.

We won't know if we are Pre-Season training on Wednesday or Thursday nights until July because we don't know what players we are going to have playing for us yet and which Saturday clubs they are playing for.
If I filled in the application form for 7-a-side tomorrow, we can't just drop out half-way through the Summer if we suddenly find out half our players are training/playing with Saturday clubs on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, meaning we are therefore training on Thursdays.
That's why we needed to go in the Monday Night League instead...but there isn't one this year.

...and two of those players you have mentioned owe ridiculous amounts of subs by the way, although I have spoken to one of them about that today.
If players cannot afford to catch up with what they owe and cannot afford to play 7-a-side, then we can't play them.