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Waltham League Multi-Registration Form For Next Season

The Multi-Registration Forms for next season were handed out to clubs at the League meeting last night, so here is what our players need to do in order to get themselves registered to play for us next season:

1) All players who are playing against The Sheaf this coming Sunday and/or in our last match of the season on Sunday 27th April MUST sign the form at one of those matches if they intend playing for us again next season...which as far as I know is everybody who has been playing since we re-started in late February after the bad weather.
There will then be no need for those players to get a new passport-size photo done.

2) If players forget to (or refuse to) sign the form on one of those two dates or they don't turn up to play or watch, they will then have to fill in an individual registration form and provide a new photo during Pre-Season in August if they want to play for us next season.
That's because the Multi-Registration Form has to be returned before the 5th July, but our AGM is not until the 18th July. We are also unlikely to be entering the Summer 7-a-side League, so from the 28th April until the 5th July, I will not see any of our players in order to get them registered on the Multi-Reg Form.

3) All new players joining us for next season have to give me a passport photo when signing up. Any players joining us who were registered with Enfield Crusaders when they folded will also have to pay an embargo fee to the League (via us), which was what Mal had to do when he signed for us. I think it was 'only' £5.00 though. Some clubs drop out of the League owing hundreds and players have £50 embargos slapped on them !
I will get new players signed up at the AGM and at Pre-Season Training & Friendlies.
This also applies to any ex-Rovers players who were not registered for us last season, but want to re-join.
It would be great to get Yianni Kyriacou back now that he has finished Uni up in Leeds (for example).

Re: Waltham League Multi-Registration Form For Next Season

Most of our players signed the Multi-Reg Form today, but some didn't...because I forgot to tell them to.
Those players are Cascoe, Daley & Leon, while Terry Moore & Tom Simmons must also make sure they sign that form if they play in our next/last match against Upshire Reserves.

Please remind me if I forget to get the form out of my bag !