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Squad for Sunday 30th March (Home to AC Enfield)

Our next match this coming Sunday is at Home to AC Enfield at Hazelwood and full details will be on the Forthcoming Fixtures page sometime later today or this evening.

We lost 6-0 to them back in December in a diabolical performance where too many players turned up late and were just not mentally prepared for the game. Thankfully, after a big inquest into that match we have shown a much better attitude since then and given every team we have played a close game.
We are therefore hoping to be able to field more-or-less a full-strength squad this Sunday as we bid to gain revenge, although it is of course Mothers' Day which could cause a problem if players cannot play because of family commitments.

Trevor has therefore named a squad of 15 at the moment as follows:
Mal Saphiris (GK)
Grant Baker (GK)
Alan Barnard
Lexton Harrison
Terry Moore
George Stahlmann
Danny Hagan
Garry Cover
Daniel Cascoe
Tem Adil
Ryan Foreman
Krishan Singh
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley

If anybody listed above is unavailable, please let us know as soon as possible.

Re: Squad for Sunday 30th March (Home to AC Enfield)

As it stands at the moment, nobody from the listed squad has told us they are unavailable, so it's looking promising for tomorrow at the moment. We have even had more players than usual respond to Teamer to confirm they are playing !

The potentially big problem now is the clocks going forward tonight.
If we do not have any players whatsover turning up an hour or more late, I will be absolutely amazed...if other recent seasons are anything to go by.
And the reason for that ? Mobile phones automatically updating the time.
I suspect that most of our players will not be using a traditional old-fashioned 'wind-up' alarm clock like I do that you wind forward an hour yourself. They will be relying on their mobile phone alarms instead, but the problem is that most of them will not have a clue whether their phone automatically updates to British Summer Time (BST) or where the settings are on their phone to check that. Last year and the year before, we had players missing the whole match because they manually put their mobile phone forward an hour when they went to bed, but then it automatically updated to a further hour forward, so when the alarm went off for what they thought was 8.30.a.m. (or whatever time they get up), it was actually 7.30.a.m. ! When they turned the radio or TV on and realised, they then went back to sleep again for about 3 hours and were then totally confused when they woke up, so they didn't bother turning up. (The match had already kicked-off by then).

So...I suggest our players all go out and buy something like this today:

Re: Squad for Sunday 30th March (Home to AC Enfield)

Just noticed it says 11:57 on here for when I posted that last message...when it was actually 10:57.
...because I forgot to go into Bravenet's settings and change the clock on here when they went back an hour back in October !

Presumably I won't need to change it for tomorrow then ?
...and now I am confused !

Re: Squad for Sunday 30th March (Home to AC Enfield)

Leon is not playing. He forgot it was Mothers' Day.

Anyone else.