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Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

This coming Sunday we will be playing at Hazelwood for the first time since the 15th permitting.
St. Mary's did play on the pitch on Sunday, predictably winning 4-0 in their Cup game to give them yet another Home Cup game...their 7th of the season when we have had none (because we were drawn Away in the First Round of all three Cups and lost all of them) !
At least it looks as if the New River underground reservoir flooding problem has now been sorted out though and our game against The Beehive this Sunday 'should be' on.

The squad will be announced on Thursday morning as normal, so it is up to players to turn up to training on Wednesday night if they want to get into the squad for our remaining seven matches.
Players who cannot attend training this Wednesday MUST confirm their availability for this Sunday before Wednesday night, otherwise they will be left out of the squad. Please login and use Teamer if you can.

We only have two more training sessions left...this Wednesday and the Wednesday after, so let's make the most of them.
We will not be re-booking training for the rest of March and during April because we cannot afford to pay for it, partly because too many players are not paying their subs and partly because we haven't been playing matches and are therefore not getting in any income from players who do pay their subs.
Most other clubs in our League are in the same boat though because of the weather.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

We only have 8 players for this Sunday's match at the moment and they are as follows:
Alan Barnard
Terry Moore
George Stahlmann
Garry Cover
Daniel Cascoe
Jack Bangs
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Daniel Daley

Everybody else either hasn't bothered using Teamer or did not turn up to training last night. Although Krishan Singh was there at training, he didn't want to commit himself, as like most of our players who have not been in the starting line-up for the two matches we have played in the last 3 months, he wants to be guaranteed a game if he turns up...and preferably a start, which is perfectly understandable when he is travelling all the way from Hackney.

For some reason the League have not processed Tem Adil and Grant Baker's registrations before the 1st March deadline, although Tem is away this Sunday anyway.
We need to hear from Mal Saphiris, Danny Hagan & Lexton Harrison ASAP as to whether they are playing or not...and from any other registered players who can help out this Sunday. If we have a squad of 14, everybody will DEFINITELY get a game.
It is also supposed to be warm and sunny this Sunday, so standing on the touch line as a sub will not be as bad as usual !?

If he is not picking Jack up, can Terry Moore help me with putting the nets up ?
Can Trevor give Jack a lift ?

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

I will be there, had some physio for my groin injury this week. Luckily it isn't damaged enough to keep me out.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

Laurence Hughes
For some reason the League have not processed Tem Adil and Grant Baker's registrations before the 1st March deadline.

Tem is now listed on Full-Time as being eligible to play this Sunday but there is no sign of Grant Baker on there. I have no idea why. He is not suspended as I have checked that I do with all new players we sign. There was nothing wrong with his photo either as far as I was concerned.

That will be very annoying if Mal is unavailable and we end up with no keeper again. Grant says he can play this Sunday if needed.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

Grant Baker's registration confirmation has just come through in the post, so that means he can play this Sunday. It looks as if Denis Coventry has just forgotten to add him to Full-Time for some reason. If Grant was suspended, then he would be listed on there.

I have told Grant to turn up on Sunday, but he will only play in goal if Mal is not playing or if Mal has to play outfield because we only have 10 men. (I think Mal did that for Enfield Crusaders ?). Trevor told Grant that last week, so he is aware.
I have still heard nothing from Mal or from Lexton though, so at the moment, we do only have 10 men including Grant and Hagan.

I will be working all day tomorrow (Saturday), so somebody else will have to phone players to persuade them to come along and play/go sub if we still only have 10 men by tonight.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

We still only have 10 including Grant.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

Cas has got hold of sy and will be going to his house in the morning to pick him up to make sure he plays.

Re: Squad for Sunday 9th March (Home to The Beehive)

Lexton has apparently confirmed to Trevor that he is playing and Mal has re-tweeted my tweet about the match tomorrow which suggests he will be there as well, so if Sy turns up we should have 13...including two goalkeepers. In fact we could even have had three goalkeepers tomorrow as George texted me to say that Jack Tompkins now has a lot of free time and can play if needed !