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No Game Again & Registration Deadline

We have no game arranged for this coming Sunday (2nd March) because St. Mary's are still trying to play a Home League Intermediate Cup match on our pitch at Hazelwood that has been postponed (waterlogged) about 5 times already...and that takes precedence over us using the pitch to play at Home to Upshire Reserves, who also do not have a match this Sunday.
The two teams in our division who we are yet to play Away (The Beehive and Broxbourne Athletic) have their pitches available but have been put down to play at Home to somebody else. We are supposed to be playing The Beehive the week after anyway, and Broxbourne Athletic are playing a Cup Quarter-Final. There are no other pitches available for us to play Upshire Reserves on (or anybody else in a Friendly) this Sunday...and that includes 3G's.

Hazelwood was still unplayable yesterday and there is more rain forecast this week, so that Cup fixture for St. Mary's could go on and on...then if they win that match (which they should do against FC Grasshoppers) when they finally play it, they will be at Home again at Hazelwood in the Quarter-Final. The League Fixture Secretary told me that if all of yesterdays fixtures had been wiped out again, then he probably would have had to cancel all the League Cup competitions for the rest of the happened back in 2000-2001, but presumably the competitions will now continue.

The League have announced that they have been given permission from the F.A. to extend the season until the 31st May because of all the recent postponed matches, but as cricket starts at Hazelwood from Sunday 20th April onwards, there are now only 7 Sundays left for us to play our Home games there. We have 5 Home Division One matches left, so it is therefore highly likely that we will have to play most of those at Enfield Playing Fields in late April and during May, particularly as St. Mary's still have 4 Home matches left in Division Two themselves, plus the two Cup matches (which take precedence once the pitch is actually playable again). Fortunately if they reach the Semi-Finals, they will then be Away.

As for getting more players registered to play in our remaining 7 matches, the League's registration deadline for this season is still this coming Saturday (1st March) as normal, despite most clubs not even having completed 50% of their fixtures yet ! Requests for the deadline to be extended have been refused for some reason.
That means if prospective new (or returning) players do not turn up to training this Wednesday with a photo and sign up so that I can post the forms off first thing on Thursday morning, then we will not have any more players registered for the rest of the season.
We only had one sub yesterday because of injuries, 'toothache' and players thinking we would not be playing and therefore arranging to do something else, while US Acli only had a bare eleven. Some teams even non-fulfilled because of player disillusionment with the recent weather and subsequent postponements. Most teams will probably need to find some new players in the next few weeks, so it needs some common sense from the League in my opinion.

I will have the website updated later today/this evening with the match report from yesterday and the fixtures (or not) for the next two weeks.

Re: No Game Again & Registration Deadline

Lau, just to let you know early on here, I am not available on the 16th march and the 11th may if we have games

Re: No Game Again & Registration Deadline

Lau, just to let you know early on here, I am not available on the 16th march and the 11th may if we have games