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Squad for Sunday 23rd Feb. (Away to U.S. Acli)

Our next attempt at playing a match is Away to US Acli at Wormley Playing Fields this coming Sunday. They play on Pitch 6, which is the one behind the netball courts that we often played the now-defunct Turnford Geese on.
I spoke to the League Fixture Secretary on Friday though who said all the pitches over there were badly waterlogged and probably wouldn't be playable for a couple of weeks, but it has been so dry, mild and windy since then that if it doesn't rain heavily again before this Sunday, then I would think there is a strong chance that the game will be on. Unfortunately more rain is forecast for this week, but not as heavy as it has been. Once again, it is just a case of waiting until Friday to see what the situation is then.
If I lived anywhere near Wormley Playing Fields, I would go over there and take a look...but I don't, and neither do any of our other players.

As for training this coming Wednesday night, having called it off last week because we only had 6 players interested in going, we really do need to have a session this week and therefore need 10 at least to make it worthwhile.
This is how I see it at the moment though...

Definitely WON'T BE there (because they never are/can't):
Terry, Hagan, George, Tom

Probably WON'T BE (for the reasons given):
Trevor (Going to Arsenal v. Bayern Munich)
Jack (Watching Arsenal v. Bayern Munich on TV ?)
Tem (Watching Arsenal v. Bayern Munich on TV ?)
Riaz (Injured)
Lexton (Babysitting/Watching Arsenal v. Bayern Munich on TV)
Junior (No Lift ?)
TJ (Working Late ?)
Frankie (Lives in South-East London)
Adam (Working Late)

Will hopefully be able to make training ?
Myself, Barney, Garry, John, Cascoe, Leon, Daley, Mal (GK), Sy Allen, Krishan, Ryan, Younes.
That's 12 including me, so if everybody makes an effort, we will be ok. I will chase them all up by text later today and tomorrow.
Barney also suggested that I phone Tim Beeden and get him to come along again to make up the numbers.
Everybody else who has been coming training this season appears to have lost interest, which is understandable I suppose.

Re: Squad for Sunday 23rd Feb. (Away to U.S. Acli)

Nobody has told me yet that they are NOT going training tonight, and that includes all the 'Probably Won't Be's' apart from Trevor. (I was only guessing when I listed them there).
So as far as I am concerned, training is definitely on tonight and we should have at least 12 there.

Re: Squad for Sunday 23rd Feb. (Away to U.S. Acli)

The situation regarding this Sunday's match is still the same whereby a decision will be made (by Broxbourne Council) on Friday as to whether the pitches at Wormley Playing Fields are playable or not. I have no idea what state they are in over there at the moment, but thankfully it didn't rain as heavily last night (and so far this morning) as was originally predicted, so maybe we might have a chance of playing ?
If we do, the squad will be as follows:
Mal Saphiris (GK)
Terry Moore
Alan Barnard
Lexton Harrison
George Stahlmann
Tom Simmons
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Garry Cover
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley
John Scouller
Sy Allen

That's 14, but I am still waiting for Trevor to confirm if he wants to name a squad of 16 or not...which would then also include Krishan Singh and Ryan Foreman.
Krishan and Ryan were not at training last night, but Sy was.
The rest of the squad is the same as our last match against Highgate Redwing apart from Riaz Daniels, who is now apparently out for the rest of the season with another knee injury.

Mal was not at training last night though, so I hope he is ok ?
We managed to get eleven there to training last night, so anybody who stayed at home to watch Arsenal instead in thinking it would be a poor turnout made the wrong decision !

Re: Squad for Sunday 23rd Feb. (Away to U.S. Acli)

The situation for this Sunday at the moment is that the U.S. Acli Secretary has heard nothing from Broxbourne Council or the League Fixture Secretary, so we are therefore assuming that the pitches at Wormley Playing Fields are now playable and that our game is ON !!!

There is nothing on our League's Full-Time site to say that the game is off because the F.A.'s server appears to have been hacked and Full-Time has been offline nationally for the last two days...apparently !
Also, unlike Enfield Council, Broxbourne Council do not publish anything on their website (or a Facebook/Twitter page) as to whether their pitches are playable or not. (I have just looked at Enfield Council's online pitch report for this weekend here and Hazelwood is off again, so it's a good job we are not at Home !).

I have also heard nothing from Trevor as regards whether he wants Krishan & Ryan in the squad and I have heard nothing from Mal either, so there is a possibility he is away somewhere and we may not have a keeper...again.
I will text everybody tomorrow (Saturday) morning to check that they are all long as they haven't changed their phone numbers. I think Daley has and I don't have Sy Allen's for a start.

If players read this message and can text me first to confirm whether they will be there on Sunday or not, that will do me a favour.

Also...I have Mal's gloves from the last match and there are only 11 pairs of black shorts left in the kit bag. Those players who have taken shorts home with them MUST bring them back on Sunday.

Re: Squad for Sunday 23rd Feb. (Away to U.S. Acli)

The League's Full-Time site came back online yesterday with our match still listed and at the moment we have 12 players as far as I know.
Mal is playing, but Tom is going away tomorrow morning and won't be, and I don't know about Sy Allen yet.

I have been out all day working, so maybe Trevor has chased more players up if he wants a squad of 14 ?

That's the situation at the moment.