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Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

This coming Sunday sees another attempt to play our match Away to The Beehive at the ('Tesco') Country Club in Cheshunt, although as usual at the moment, we will just have to wait until Friday to see if the pitches over there are still flooded or they are everywhere else.
Full details of the match are on the Forthcoming Fixtures page anyway and the squad will be announced here on Thursday morning.
If anybody who played in the last match against Highgate Redwing is not available, please let us know as soon as possible.

As for training this coming Wednesday night, I will be there this week as I have now got my car fixed and I have no interest whatsoever in watching Arsenal v. Man United live on BT Sport...or any other channel for that matter !
I understand that Cascoe took the balls home after last week's session, so I will bring a spare ball just in case he gets stuck at work and can't get there before 9.00.p.m.
Garry has the bibs, so I assume he will be in attendance ? We will have a problem if he is not, as I'm not sure how we can train without the bibs.
Trevor will be going to Arsenal, but if other players have no intention of going training because they are Arsenal or Man United supporters, then they MUST let me know either on here, by text/e-mail or by using Teamer.

Another problem is a tube strike for Wednesday again, as several players were unable to attend training last week because of that, while John Scouller has now moved to live in Derby (as far as I know ?), which is why he hasn't been there the last couple of weeks...meaning those who rely on him for a lift cannot attend either. It now looks as if Lexton can no longer go training as well due to babysitting duties.
We have only had 8 players at training for the past two weeks because of these problems and because we stopped Jamie and his mates from coming due to over-crowding. I suspect we need to ask them to come back now to make up the numbers, so Riaz and Jack will have to do that as I don't have their contact details. The problem is a lot of them want to sign up and play on Sundays but we don't need them for that, so they might not want to attend training on Wednesday nights any more anyway ?

I am open to suggestions regarding training this Wednesday.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

John says he will not be moving to Derby for another couple of weeks and will be at training this Wednesday. He is also available for the next two Sundays (if we play).

I also had an e-mail from Tem Adil who says he wants to rejoin us. He says he has stopped eating kebabs and taken up running.
Obviously he will be a decent player if he has, so I have asked him to come training on Wednesday night...although he is an Arsenal supporter, so he may well be watching the Man U match.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

Jack has told me that he will not be going training tonight...presumably watching Arsenal ?, while Riaz is now injured again. Their mates won't be there either to make up the numbers.
Also, Tem is going to Arsenal and Mal is working in Southampton today and may not get back in time if the weather disrupts the trains.

As nobody uses Teamer apart from myself, Barney & Adam Krstic, I haven't got a clue who is thinking of going training tonight apart from myself, Barney and John. Nobody else has texted me.
If I don't hear from anybody else by 7.00.p.m., then I think we will have to call it off on the assumption that there will be no more than about 8 of us there including me...and I will NOT be training.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

Training is now OFF tonight at we would not have had any more than six players there (i.e. Barney, Garry, Cascoe, John, Krishan, Ryan) plus myself.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

Same as last week, just in case the game is on this Sunday, the squad of 16 is as follows:
Mal Saphiris (GK)
Lexton Harrison
Alan Barnard
Terry Moore
George Stahlmann
Tom Simmons
Danny Hagan
Garry Cover
Daniel Cascoe
Riaz Daniels
Krishan Singh
Ryan Foreman
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley
John Scouller

The Beehive Secretary has confirmed that the Country Club groundsman will make a decision on the state of the pitch tomorrow (Friday) daytime.
I have no idea what condition the pitch is in at the moment, but it is supposed to rain heavily all day tomorrow and if that happens, the match will almost certainly get called off.
Please do not make plans to do something else just yet in case that weather forecast is wrong.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

I notice here that the fixture has been wiped off the list already and it just says 'Postponed' here, but Pitch One over there is still on (for a match in the Premier Division).

So...I would guess either Pitch Two (which we are supposed to be on) is completely under water or The Beehive are non-fulfilling the fixture.
Hopefully I will have some confirmation by this evening.

Re: Squad for Sunday 16th Feb. (Away to The Beehive)

The League Fixture Secretary has just confirmed that Pitch Two at the Country Club in Cheshunt was deemed unplayable by the groundsman yesterday (Thursday), so our game against The Beehive this Sunday is definitely OFF.

It is now likely to be played as a Double-Header on a Sunday in April as we have not played them at Home yet either.