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Wednesday Night Training Sessions

Last night we once again had a big turnout at training which ended up as a 9-a-side match on a 7-a-side pitch...and that was without me joining in to make up the numbers.
That is clearly too many, and that has been the case since well before Christmas. As we only have half a pitch, all we can do with those sorts of numbers is a three-touch match and it is starting to get boring with one or two of our first-choice regular players walking off before the end because it is like a kickabout in a school playground.
We also now have a goalkeeper in Mal who can attend training, so we ought to be doing some drills with him using no more than 12-14 outfield players.

From next Wednesday onwards, even though they do pay £3.00 each per session, we are going to have to stop Jamie, 'Skinny' and Jack's mate (can't remember his name) from attending for the time being because they are not registered to play on Sundays whereas everybody else is. That also applies to the others who Jamie has been bringing along so far this season apart from Aron Clarke, who has signed up. However, I think we should enter teams in both the Monday and Thursday night 7-a-side Leagues this Summer, then Jamie and his mates can get a game for us in that...if they are not already playing for another team in those Leagues (which I know they have done in the past).

We will allow Si Allen (Daley & Cascoe's mate) to continue attending training for the time being though as he does intend to sign up and is a better player than the other trialists. Hopefully he will remember to bring his photo next Wednesday.

The only problem is that I do not have any contact details for Jamie and his mates and I doubt whether they read this Forum. Hopefully Riaz and/or Jack can inform them before next Wednesday and we can have a better session which will then make a difference once we start playing again on Sundays.

Re: Wednesday Night Training Sessions

Just to confirm that we definitely have no match this coming Sunday (2nd February), but training will be on this coming Wednesday night (29th January) as normal even though neither myself or Trevor will be there. Barney and Garry will be organising the session while Riaz has the balls and bibs.

Jamie, 'Skinny' & Jack's mate all presumably got the message regarding over-crowding at training as they were not there last week, but a couple of others still turned up who didn't know. I told them last week to wait for the 7-a-side League to start during the Summer and we can have a look at them there if they still want to join us.
Mal will not be there this Wednesday as he is a Chelsea season ticket-holder, so we won't have a keeper, but I would still expect there to be at least 12 players there for a good session. If we only have 7 or 8 turn up because we have stopped Jamie and his mates from attending, then we can invite them back for the following week if necessary.