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Squad for Sunday 19th Jan. (Away to The Beehive)

Our next match this coming Sunday is Away to The Beehive at the ('Tesco') Country Club in Cheshunt...where we played Enfield Rangers last season (for those who don't know it). Full details are on the Forthcoming Fixtures page.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is dire again with a lot more heavy rain on the way this week, especially on Wednesday evening when we are training !
At the moment it looks as if all matches will get called off again for the third week in a row, but let's hope the forecasters are wrong as we appear to have a full-strength squad available including a proper goalkeeper if his registration goes through alright. I will be sending out a Rovers News e-mail to all players later today regarding that and a few other very positive things which I don't want to announce on here just yet.
Please check your e-mail inboxes later this afternoon/early evening.

The squad for the Beehive match will be announced on Thursday morning after training the night before. As always, if anybody is not available, please let us know before then.

Re: Squad for Sunday 19th Jan. (Away to The Beehive)

I have just read on Facebook that all Enfield Council pitches have been called off for this Saturday and Sunday already !
At least nobody will be churning up our pitch at Hazelwood then while we (hopefully) play Away to The Beehive.

The Beehive Secretary told me last night that the Country Club groundsman will be making a decision on Friday as to whether the pitches over there are playable or not, so we will have to wait until then regarding our match.

Training is definitely ON tonight whatever the weather. There is 'nothing' on TV , so please make an effort.

Re: Squad for Sunday 19th Jan. (Away to The Beehive)

The squad of 16 for the match Away to The Beehive on Sunday (should it go ahead) is as follows:
Mal Saphiris (GK)
Lexton Harrison
Alan Barnard
George Stahlmann
Terry Moore
Ali 'TJ' Sowe
Garry Cover
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Riaz Daniels
Ryan Foreman
Krishan Singh
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley
John Scouller

Mal and Riaz's registrations should be confirmed before Sunday. Mal had to pay a £5 embargo for Enfield Crusaders dropping out, but that was sorted out last night.
We also have numerous other players available to come into the squad if needed.

If the game is called off by the Cheshunt Country Club groundsman on Friday or Saturday, all the above players listed in the squad will receive an automated message from Teamer telling them so.

Lexton mentioned to me on the phone yesterday that one of his mates who lives in Willesden 'can get' a 3G Astroturf pitch over there for us to play his team in a Friendly this Sunday if our game against The Beehive is called off.
Personally I cannot believe that myself as surely any full-size 3G pitches will be used for local Sunday League matches on Sunday mornings during this sort of weather !
I told Lexton that we can only play if it is a 10.30.a.m. kick-off because George, Barney and possibly others cannot play in the afternoons because of other commitments. Also, how on earth do we organise travel arrangements to get there at such short notice when I work all day on Saturdays and can't update the website ? Those I spoke to at training last night also agreed with that. I have heard nothing from Lexton since I spoke to him yesterday evening, so I am guessing this is no longer an option anyway and all we can do is just carry on training on Wednesday nights until the grass pitches dry out.

I have started a new thread regarding training on Wednesday nights.

Re: Squad for Sunday 19th Jan. (Away to The Beehive)

GAME OFF waterlogged. Not surprisingly.

I have heard nothing from Lexton regarding this 3G pitch in Willesden, so I would guess it is being used for a competitive it (and all other 3G pitches) should be in my opinion.