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New Goalkeeper Needed

George has just texted me to say that Jack Tompkins is not playing this Sunday, and like most of our other players at the moment, George has advised me to advertise for a new goalkeeper asap.
John Scouller said at training last night to advertise on Twitter because he no longer works with the goalkeeper he was going to try and get along ('Lewis').

I know that Jacko said he would give me a photo and sign up to play in emergencies, but he hasn't done so yet, so we definitely have no goalkeeper for this Sunday. It will have to be either Griff, Garry, Barney or another volunteer.
I just texted Darryl Johnson to see if he is also willing to come out of retirement (alongside Jacko) to help us out for the rest of the season, but he says his knee is shot to pieces and he can't put any weight on it when diving.

A few months ago we were in contact with the now-defunct Charlton United's ex-keeper who runs a goalkeepers coaching class. He was offering to play for us or bring along one of his 'students/proteges', but that was only because his then girlfiend lived in Finchley, but they have now split up. He is based in South-East London and is not willing to travel from there to play.

Because our next training session isn't until the 8th January, we will also not have a goalkeeper for our matches on the 5th and 12th January either...unless Jacko comes round my house before Xmas or comes over to watch this Sunday to give me a photo. (He has already signed a registration form).
If we find a new goalkeeper from advertising over the Christmas period, we will just have to hope they can attend that training session on the 8th and remember to bring a photo with them...unless they are prepared to turn up and watch our matches either this Sunday or on the 5th January.