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Squad for Sunday 15th Dec. (Home to Broxbourne Athletic)

This coming Sunday at Home to Broxbourne Athletic is our last game before a two-week Christmas break.

As we didn't have a match yesterday and lost our last game 6-0, we are not really sure at the moment who is up for playing in this game or not, so I think all we can do is just ask players to reply on here or to the Teamer message they will get sometime today, or to text, e-mail or phone myself or Trevor to let us know if they are available for selection or not.
Obviously if players are coming training on Wednesday night, they can inform me then. Trevor will be at Arsenal again and will not be coming training, so they will need to phone him either tonight or tomorrow (Tuesday) night if they need to speak to him.

If players have not got in touch by Thursday, then I will have to phone and speak to doubt at an inconvenient time ...if we have been unable to name a squad of 14 without them.

Re: Squad for Sunday 15th Dec. (Home to Broxbourne Athletic)

We appear to have no less than 21 players 'available' for this Sunday's match, although there are all sorts of reasons why most of them should or shouldn't be left out...which I won't go into on here because it is too complicated !
The only regular player who is definitely unavailable is John Scouller as he is serving the last match of his three-game suspension.

Trevor therefore has an extremely difficult task to pick a squad of 16 from that, so it may not appear on here until he has finished work today.
We don't really want anybody dropping out voluntarily though because this is an important match.

Re: Squad for Sunday 15th Dec. (Home to Broxbourne Athletic)

The squad of 16 is as follows:
Alan Barnard
Terry Moore
Lexton Harrison
George Stahlmann
Ali 'TJ' Sowe
Garry Cover
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Francis Karemo
Krishan Singh
Junior Brown
Leon McKenzie-McKay
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley
Tom Simmons
Adam Griffin

If players want to know why they are not in the squad or if players listed in the squad above want to discuss tactics and the likely starting line-up, then they must phone Trevor on 07894 961484.

Re: Squad for Sunday 15th Dec. (Home to Broxbourne Athletic)

We need Griff to confirm that he will go in goal otherwise one of the squad will need to volunteer.

I want everyone in the changing rooms ready for a team talk by 10.00 a.m. If you are late you are likely to be sub even if I have received a message.

We still have lots of players registered to play with more hopefully signing up before our next match in the New Year..... I will soon be in a better position to leave out players who are not turning up or turning up late and subs must be paid. Several players still owe annual subs which should have been paid before 1st September - that is not acceptable.

Re: Squad for Sunday 15th Dec. (Home to Broxbourne Athletic)

Just an update on the squad for tomorrow...

Griff has confirmed with Trevor that he is playing, and as far as I know he has agreed to play in goal so that Barney can play in defence.
Lexton is not playing due to social commitments in Reading tonight, although there is a slight possibility that he may get back in time from there in the morning. Trevor has put Adam Krstic in the squad to replace him, although I don't know if Adam is aware of that.
Tom Simmons is in the squad after contacting us earlier in the week to explain that he has been studying and away on courses for the past couple of months but is now available until the end of January. He has been named in the squad ahead of others because he only lives 5 minutes away from Hazelwood and will definitely be there if we have less than 14.
As Lexton is not playing, I assume John Scouller (who is going to run the line) will pick Junior up ? If John does not intend getting there until 10.30 though, then Junior will be late for the team-talk and warm-up.
Daley says he is going to get a lift from Cascoe this time instead of relying on Krishan to be awake ?! I think Leon is also getting a lift off Cascoe and they have assured Trevor that they will all be there by 10.00.a.m.

It is supposed to rain heavily tonight, but the game will definitely be ON because it has been very dry, mild and windy recently. Please do not pester me in the morning asking 'Is it on ?' !