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Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 12th August

Tomorrow (Monday) night we are playing our last 7-a-side League fixture of the Summer against K & M Old Boys. (9.00.p.m. Kick-Off).
It is a meaningless match for us (although definitely not for our opponents as they are in contention to win the League) and not surprisingly I have pretty much 'no-one' interested in playing at the moment except for Lexton, Garry Cover (as an outfield player though) and (I think ?) Cascoe.

Others I have texted so far are either not replying or say they have family commitments. We also have loads of players out injured following this morning's Pre-Season Friendly.
If I don't hear from any more of our current players by mid-day on Monday, then I will ask various 'old boys' to play who said they would help if we are short. (e.g. Stuart Dorward, Steve Cokell & Andrew Warmerdam to name but three). That may well include Jacko in goal again if Adam Griffin does not reply to the text and e-mails I have sent him.
I can also play if necessary to make up the numbers.

We are NOT going to waste £80 of the club's money by non-fulfilling this match !

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 12th August

Here is a proposed squad of 8 at the moment:
Adam Griffin (GK)
Lexton Harrison
Garry Cover
Adam Krstic
Martin Cruickshank
Daniel Cascoe
Lee King
Jack Bangs

The only ones out of that lot who have confirmed so far are the two Adams and Garry Cover. The others are going to need chasing up today. I didn't speak to Cascoe yesterday, but if he is playing and can bring Si Allen along again, then we can leave Jack out (who is injured) if Lee King is playing.
We may have to let Lee and Martin play without paying if they cannot afford to pay the £10.00 per match that we have told them to.
If we have only got a bare seven, I will go sub and come on if anybody gets injured.

We have nobody else available whatsoever, mainly due to family commitments, having to get up early for work in the morning and injuries.
Ivan Bass, Krishan Singh (& his mate Brandon) and Leon McKenzie-McKay all fall into those categories. I spoke to them all last night.

If any prospective new players or any of our 'old boys' are reading this and would like to play tonight if we are short, please let me know.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 12th August

Jack is definitely not playing because of an ankle injury, so I have texted Cascoe asking him to bring Si Allen. No reply yet though.

Lee and Martin are both playing and I am picking them up.
Lexton has confirmed on Teamer that he is playing.