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Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

Our next match this coming Monday night is an 8.00.p.m. Kick-Off against our Hazelwood pitch-sharing colleagues Broomfield (their First Team) from the Southern Amateur League on Saturdays.
We are still top of the Monday Night League Qualifying Group table and have already qualified for the 'Cup League', but it's pretty obvious that Broomfield are the team to beat, so we will therefore be fielding our strongest available line-up based on our squad from last season and our performances so far this Summer.

Unfortunately Alan Barnard, Leon McKenzie-McKay and Krishan Singh are all unavailable, while Riaz Daniels and John Scouller have still not re-surfaced from last season due to work commitments. However, we still have at least 13 players to choose from and at the moment, subject to availability, the squad will be as follows:
Adam Griffin (GK)
George Stahlmann
Terry Moore
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Jack Bangs
Daniel Daley
Ben Keating

Manager Trevor Hughes will be back from his holiday on Saturday morning, and if he wants a squad of 9, then Rafiel Johnson will be called up as well.

We also have Ivan Bass, Lexton Harrison, Garry Cover and Adam Krstic available to come into the squad if anybody has to drop out.

Please note that we do NOT want players strolling along right on the kick-off for this match like they did for our last game. We MUST take this match seriously and turn up in good time, otherwise we will find ourselves on the receiving end of an embarrassing thrashing !

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

i can play from monday onwards i can try and get lewis also

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

i can play from monday onwards i can try and get lewis also
Have you swapped shifts with Fraser so that he can't play against us then ?!

Regarding the squad for this Monday, I suppose that is going to have to be my decision then, as Trev isn't back until Saturday night.
Obviously we need you there as it's your last chance to sign the Multi-Reg Form...and the same applies to Riaz if he is available, but we can't have a squad of 10 or 11, so who do I leave out if you and Riaz both want to play as opposed to just coming along to sign up/see everyone ?
Very difficult decision...and yes, I hate being 'Manager'.

Regarding the goalkeeping position, getting new players (i.e. Lewis and/or Griff) to sign the Multi-Reg Form this Monday isn't necessary because they need to give me a photo anyway, so they might as well fill in single reg forms in late-July/early-August at Pre-Season Training & Friendlies when I have a lot more time to supervise that.
Griff played well in both his games so far, so I think he should play this Monday really, even though he does know that we want Lewis as our No.1 for 11-a-side this season at the moment.

Personally, although it would be great to beat Broomfield, the following Monday's Pre-Season Training session is far more important, so I hope everyone (including both Lewis and Griff) can make an effort to attend that.
We want other new players to come along as well, then the plan should be to play them against Philosophers (the bottom team) on Monday 15th ahead of the regulars so that we can see what they are like in a match. Hopefully Trev will agree.
From Monday 22nd July onwards we will then be playing in the Cup League and fielding our strongest available side for all four matches. We then have two Pre-Season Training sessions on Thursdays and three 11-a-side Pre-Season Friendlies in August to try out new players, so plenty of chances from next Monday (8th July) onwards for everybody to play.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

me and frazer work in different departments so i never swap shifts with him he does permanent earlies, i dont have to play monday i will just sign the form

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

me and frazer work in different departments so i never swap shifts with him he does permanent earlies, i dont have to play monday i will just sign the form
O.K., that's fine. Best bring your boots just in case half our players turn up after the kick-off again though.

Regarding Frazer, I'm sure I saw him playing for Broomfield on the next pitch on at least a couple of Monday nights recently, but on their website it doesn't mention him in their line-up.
They have got Neil Hughes (who you know) and Danny Swaile (ex-Brentford right-back ?) playing regularly though.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

Ben is not playing due to work, so I have texted Raf to tell him he is definitely in a squad of 8.
I have had no reply from him (or Daley) yet though.
Everybody else in the squad has confirmed their availability.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 1st July

Daley is playing.

I still haven't heard from Raf but he normally phones or texts me after 5.00.p.m.
If John is coming to watch and sign up, I advise him to bring his boots just in case.

I also need Riaz to turn up and sign the Multi-Reg Form. If he is fit to play, he can bring his boots as well. He has changed his phone number though, so I can't get hold of him.

Others who said they were going to come along to a 7-a-side match 'soon' to sign the Multi-Reg Form for next season are Gavin Mardell and Frankie Karemo. Tonight is their last chance. I am not going to chase them up again.