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Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 24th June

Our next 7-a-side League match this coming Monday (24th June) is against Allstars, but it is a 9.00.p.m. Kick-Off this time. That rules out one or two players who have to get up for work at 5.00.a.m. or whatever, and I am also leaving out one or two who owe too much subs.
The squad of 8 that I would like for this match is as follows (subject to availability):
Adam Griffin (GK)
Garry Cover
(As an outfield player)
Lexton Harrison
Ivan Bass
Adam Krstic
Daniel Cascoe
Ben Keating
Daniel Daley

I want Ivan & Ben to play because they have not signed the Multi-Registration Form for next season yet.
I also want the two Adams (George's mates) to play again so that they can get to know those of our players who didn't play in our last match...and I would also like to sign them up to play 11-a-side, which I can do on the Multi-Reg Form if they bring a passport photo with them.

If anybody drops out, Alan Barnard will definitely be the first player to come in as a replacement. As he is a Management Committee member, I will need him to collect subs in (while I am busy signing up players) for a start ! (Trevor will still be away on holiday and Terry is unavailable for 9.00.p.m. Kick-Offs).

Regarding our current League position, we are top of the Qualifying Group table at the moment with three games left. Here is the current table.
The Top Five at the end of the first 8 matches go into the Cup League, and the only way we can fail to do that now is to lose our last three matches by big margins and for other teams to come up with a complete set of freak results. Two of our remaining opponents (including Allstars) appear to be the worst two teams in the League, so even though we are completely changing our team around at the moment to give everybody a game, there will be something seriously wrong if we do not win those two matches if last night's performance is anything to go by.

If anybody named in the squad above cannot play, please let me know asap.
I will put the match on Teamer later in the week.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 24th June

9.00pm kick off

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 24th June

9.00pm kick off


George Stahlmann is also now available, so I have added him to the squad as well to make it up to 9.
The reason for that is because his two mates Adam & Griff are playing and they don't know anybody else in the squad for tonights match as we used different players last week, and also because we have at least two players playing tonight who the Ref might stop from playing because they will probably not be wearing Astro boots/trainers.

Everybody has now confirmed their availability.