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Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

Our next 7-a-side League match next Monday (3rd June) is a 9.00.p.m. Kick-Off.

Terry Moore has asked to be left out if possible as he has to get up early for work. He says 7.00 or 8.00.p.m. Kick-Offs are better for him.
Alan Barnard says he also doesn't mind being left out if we need to give others a game.
We are playing Diablos, a team who lost their first match 6-0 to 1664...a team who we beat in our last match, but Diablos did win 5-3 against New River 'A' in their last match, so that suggests we are not going to have an easy game. However, all we need to do is finish in the top five at the end of our first 9 matches in order to qualify for the Cup League instead of the Plate League, so I think we should 'take chances' for the next 2 or 3 weeks and make sure we give every current player a game during that time so that they can then sign the Waltham Sunday League's Multi-Registration Form before the end-of-June deadline. (They won't have to give me a new photo if they do that).

I will therefore be texting Lexton Harrison, Ivan Bass & Ben Keating to see if they can play on Monday as they haven't signed for next season yet and I think 9.00.p.m. Kick-Offs are better for them.
Apparently Daley saw Ivan working at Oakwood Tube station when he got off a train there for our last match and Ivan told him he wants to play 7-a-side.
Our next three matches after that are all 8.00.p.m. Kick-Offs, so I suggest for those we get Riaz Daniels (if he is fit to play), Younes Jouied (if he still wants to play for us), John Scouller, Gavin Mardell and Ali 'TJ' Sowe along for a game at some stage so that they can sign up.

Danny Hagan & Rafiel Johnson both went home after our last 7-a-side match straight on the final whistle, so I didn't get a chance to sign them up. Hopefully they will both play again this Monday and remind me to do so this time ?
The one problem is George Stahlmann as he works every Monday night and cannot play 7-a-side at all. Somehow he is going to have to meet me somewhere during June so that I can sign him up...unless he can actually get out of work for a one-off 7-a-side match ?

Regarding the goalkeeping situation, John says his mate Lewis who trained with us last season is interested in signing up for next season and can play 7-a-side on Monday night. Ideally we would like to give Garry Cover a run-out as an outfield player, as he hasn't had a chance to do that yet. We did sign Garry up as an outfield player.
If Lewis brings a photo with him on Monday night, I can get him signed up as well. We are relying on Lewis turning up of his own accord though as John is currently working on Monday nights.

Once we have checked on availability, we will hopefully be able to name a squad for next Monday on here by Friday morning.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

I told Garry Cover that he was definitely in the next squad either as the keeper or as an outfield player if we can get Lewis to go in goal.

I've sent John Scouller a text to find out if Lewis can play.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

Lexton is injured.
No reply from Ben.
I haven't tried Ivan yet.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

Nothing much happening at the moment as I am too busy with work to chase players up and I probably won't bother to do so until Sunday evening.

I had a chat with Trev last night and he said John is not replying to texts regarding whether Lewis is playing or not, so we definitely want Garry in the squad just in case.
Trev also said it is best for the time being to stick with those who played in the previous match wherever possible because it's too much mucking about trying to contact others to play.

So...the squad for this Monday will hopefully be as follows:
Lewis (GK)
Garry Cover
Alan Barnard
Danny Hagan
Daniel Cascoe
Daniel Daley
Jack Bangs
Krishan Singh
Rafiel Johnson

If any of the above players have not confirmed their availability by Sunday night, then we will get others to play.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

Here's the latest...

Garry, Barney, Hagan, Cascoe & Daley have all confirmed they are playing, and Leon McKenzie-McKay is also coming along as well and will be signing up for next season having now recovered from a back ? injury.

Raf said he should be o.k. but will confirm for definite at some time today.
John says he will be seeing Lewis at work today and will then let us know if he is coming along to go in goal (and sign up for next season).

Jack & Krishan are not replying to texts, but they did that for the last match and still turned up anyway. I am expecting them both to be there tonight and yes, we could have a squad of 10.
On the other hand, we could easily end up with a squad of 6.

Also, a 'forward' is going to have to play in defence because we have got no Terry, Lexton, George or TJ.

Re: Squad for 7-a-Side - Monday 3rd June

Raf and Krishan are both playing, but Lewis isn't. He wasn't at work today (with John) and has changed his phone number, but somebody told John that Lewis is still interested and he should be available next week. John has got next Monday off work (at the moment) and will bring him along.

I have still not heard from Jack, but I would think he will be there.